As the wings of my heart beat

I find myself alone

As those wings are torn apart

I am alone


Always do I find myself alone

Always do I cry myself to sleep

Alone is where I always am

Alone is where you’ll never hold my soul


As I sit here in my blood thirsty tears

I find myself alone here

As I fall down farther toward the ground

Life never seems to come near


And I will fall down again

I can’t find you my friend

And as the light blinds me

I fall down again


As Death surrounds me

I try to hold back my tears, and

As my life has drifted away from me

I try to reach out my trembling hand


Always do I find myself alone

Always do I cry myself to sleep

Alone is where I always am

Alone is where you’ll never hold my soul

Never hold my heart


To Cut

Light swallows my sight

And makes me blind

So gouge out my eyes

Cut out my always silent tongue


Let the dark come

And bring me life

So show me how to breathe

Chill the fire made by the light


Lightening breaks the ground

And all that precious lava flows

So does this, my thrice dead heart

Cut out so many times, yet here it stays


Look at the dark tempest

Ancient clouds come down

Silent this desert remains

Cut with the Lightening’s blade


Life has fled this hallowed ground

And three times Death has taken me down

Sorrow breves my ever-changing eyes

Cut out my eyes

Cut out my always silent tongue

The Forest

I once heard of a Forest

Full of life and light

Where people would go

To sing of joy day and night


In these woods a Temple stood

Shining of marble bright

Sun and Moon light blessed it

Every day and night


Few people speak

Or go near one trail in the Forest

Those who do say its dark

Twisted with pain and nightmares


If you wonder down

To this darkened path

You shall find another Temple

Built long ago in the past


It was ravaged by the Horrors

Its builder’s dreadful plight

Now it sits in ruins

With no hope of sun or moon light


They say if you walk

Into this Temple of Despair

That you shall feel the sorrow

Of the Horrors that live there


All who enter

Go mad upon the stairs

And their eyes become hallow

No joy ever again seen there


I once went to a Forest

Full of life and light

I wandered too far

Now all I see is the Darkness

Through my empty eyes

Wind’s Masquerade

The wind rushes through the trees

Hell bent on revelry

The leaves and flowers cry out

As the wind crashes them about

As the wind ravishes their youth

Heartless and cold the wind consumes them

Carrying them away to his masquerade

Here they shall stay in perpetual motion

And scream in pain every day

The Four Letters

A dark flower blooms

As a bright flower fades

All the light is now with

All of the dark

Buildings screaming high

But small ones singing sweet

Blinding are the low

Blissful and seeing are the high

Cats of dark

Cats of light

Can scream and

Call for everlasting light

Darkness takes hold

Damning all light

Doing all good

Doing no right

Which to Fallow

Darkness fallows his eyes

Light fallows his soul

Burning it, scorching it

Making him unwhole


If Light fallowed his eyes

If Darkness fallowed his soul

His mind would be at rest

But those eyes would be blinded so

The Tower

Dark waters rise

Dark waters fall

If Spring will come again

Then so will Fall

Fall and Spring is when she is free

Let out of that tower by the dark sea

Every day she hopes and prays

That her life will come again

But that can only happen

When the night rises

With the glowing moon

For then her love will come

No matter, for now, she must wait in the clouds

That surround the tower top by the sea

Waves crash down

Waves rise up

A boat sways side to side

Until it shall reach

The stoney beach

Waiting to thrash and tear it apart